Stained Glass Projects

A stained glass panel is basically a one dimensional art work that is usually hung on a wall or in front of a window. It can also be inserted into an existing opening or cabinet. When hung in front of a light source (window), the glass seems to come alive.

The design of a panel is unlimited. Any subject may be represented by using different colors of glass as well as textures. The focus of these panels can range from nature scenes, cars, geometrics, southwestern, religious, quilts, holidays, etc. Your choices are unlimited. If you can see it or dream it, you can build it.

Projects can include logos which can add an inspirational touch to your office or business.

The shape of a panel can be round, oval, oblong, square or any other shape that fits your need. Glass panels are very versatile and can easily become the center point of attention.

Panel can be displayed anywhere within your home or business.

In essence, stained glass panels are all about tangibly creating what is in your mind and allowing others to experience that part of you!

3D Projects

3D projects are multi-dimensional. They provide a unique element to the setting. Common 3D projects that are frequently made include boxes, clocks, centerpieces, Tiffany lamps and kaleidoscopes. Other designs abound. Dream!

Doors and Sidelights Projects

Stained glass doors and sidelights add depth and beauty to your home. They provide your guests with an inviting entrance to your home. When viewed from the outside at night, with light on inside, one can’t help but notice the beauty displayed.

Mirror Projects

A mixture of glass and the use of mirror can add exciting design elements to your home. Simple additions of stained glass edges or designs incorporated in or around the mirror panels will provide unique ways to reflect images. Insertion of overlays on mirror panels is another attractive way of producing mirrored projects.

Fireplace Screens

Fireplace screens serve both functionality and add a design element to your home. It can be made from a variety of glass including beveled glass or custom designed. Many varieties of screens are available and can include geometrics or other scenes similar to glass panels. Fireplace screens can be custom designed to meet your specific needs. We recently made a custom designed screen for our client’s new home encompassing their love of horses.

Cabinet Projects

A stained glass cabinet door insert can be used to update or provide a design element to your kitchen. Contrasting the wood of the cabinets with the coloring and design of the new insert makes the cabinet and its surrounding areas come alive. Built-ins are another area where glass inserts can be used.

Quilt Projects

Stained glass quilts are made by using actual quilting patterns. Instead of cutting material, you cut glass. No, you won’t be able to wrap it around yourself, but it will look beautiful hanging in the window or on your wall.


Sun catchers are a small piece usually adhered to a panel of glass by a suction cup hook. These can be made using scraps of glass. Their size is usually under 10 inches. These are fun and easy stained glass projects to do.


There are a wide variety of items to be made for the holidays. You can choose to make ornaments which may be one or three dimensional. Why not make a valentine heart or shamrock. The choices are only limited by your imagination.


Mosaics are artwork that can be applied to almost any surface or object. Mosaics are created by choosing a pattern and then cutting and applying usually smaller and tinier pieces of scrap glass to create a specific shape or design. Additionally, these pieces are adhered to the object of your choice and then grouted. Some ideas for making additional mosaics include stepping stones or decorative garden accessories.