Tips to Cut Stained Glass and Clean Stained Glass Art

Do you want your stained glass artwork to look clean and professional? Are you getting frustrated with cutting stained glass, scoring, and breaking?

Our tips on cutting stained glass and cleaning stained glass could provide you that extra detail you’ve been looking for.

Cutting, scoring, and breaking stained glass can be a tricky part as you can cut yourself, have to start over, and there are other issues that come up.

Randy, the Glass Wizard, provides his insights on how he cuts and cleans his stained glass pieces.
Let’s not waste time and get right to it…

Tips to Cut Stained Glass Cleanly:

**Warm glass is usually better and easier than cold glass.
**Utilize a flat surface to make life easier when cutting stained glass.
**Don’t use excessive pressure to prevent a bad break.
**Make sure your cutter wheel is in good shape as it tends to wear out quickly.
**Score the pattern line once and DO NOT go over the pattern line.

**Straight cuts:
Score once, then use your running pliers to break the piece. Next, grind the edges to fit in the piece of the pattern.

**Curved cuts:
Once again score only once, then by following the pattern line just on the outside of the score, tap the score until the glass breaks (use the round ball on the opposite side of your breaking tool).

**Next, use your stained glass grinder to file the edges and fit into the pattern piece. Keep in mind when you are marking up your pattern piece, you’ll want to mark on the inside of the line. Plus, always remember to wear your safety glasses as little bits of glass can fly everywhere.

These are just a few great suggestions as there are plenty of strategies for cutting stained glass.

Now on to Cleaning Your Stained Glass Art:

Since you have produced such a beautiful piece of stained glass you want to keep it looking nice, shiny to let the light glow through.

When Randy finishes a piece, he cleans it with a mild soap and warm water. He dries it with a clean soft towel, then applies either finishing compound or car wax to the surface of both sides and wipes it with another clean dry towel.

This gives it’s sparkling shine to the solder and the warm water cleans the glass. We recommend doing this every once and a while to keep your glass art designs looking their best.

Hopefully these stained glass cutting and cleaning tidbits will help you further along if you’re stuck or just searching for that extra bit when creating your stained glass art.