Top 10 Stained Glass Tips – These Stained Glass Tips Will Help You Through the Learning Curve

If you haven’t met Randolph yet that is b/c you don’t know the world of stained glass.
He is the “man” when it comes to making stained glass and offers the best stained glass tips in the biz.

A beginner’s challenge when making stained glass is always the frustrations of making that first piece. We have seen people quit before their first stained glass art creation is made.

Don’t let that happen to you. This article lists a number of our stained glass tips that we have followed or learned from other stained glass tips experts…

After finishing a few projects, I thought I might throw out some do’s and don’ts as you venture into your first stained glass project…

Again, these tips are not all ours. They were compiled from other stained glass enthusiasts who wanted to share their wisdoms with beginners. We must agree with them all…

1. Practice cutting and breaking on clear scrap glass first. Ask your local hardware store what they do with their scraps. They usually will give this away for FREE if you ask.

2. Cut as accurate as possible-this will save a bunch of time and wear on your grinder/grinding bits. Not to mention less wasted glass that could better be used on another project. Obviously this is a no-brainer so just keep at it and perfect practice makes perfect.

3. Learn to use your grozier pliers – same reason as above and it’s a good skill to have, plus we find it more soothing. You will be amazed at what you can do with these pliers.

4. Proper attire and safety gear is importante. Glass will be flying everywhere and you will want to protect your eyes and body. Remember you are working with glass and various tools.

5. Be sure to hold on tight to your pieces as you don’t want to bust your butt working on shaping and cutting only to have it shatter on the floor.

6. Visit forums and groups and learn from other stained glass masters as you embark on your journey to creating your first few pieces. If you want to know which ones have the ultimate experts, you can sign up for our newsletter to get our resource lists.

7. Take your time with each step. Each phase of the stained glass process is important so this is one of our biggest stained glass tips.

8. Have Fun because making stained glass is just that. Don’t give up and get frustrated. It is a rewarding and enjoyable hobby if you make it that way.

9. Learn more and keep on going. Once you make a few pieces you will only get better. Be sure you stay up to date on the techniques that will take your stained glass making to the next level. Of course that is where we come in.

10. Turn your hobby into a business. This is not a necessary one of our stained glass tips, but I have met people time and time again that wished they knew how to make their passions into a money-making venture. Trust me when I say there is a need for your craft.

This is just a start and only a few of Randolph’s stained glass tips. Give us a chance to teach you all he knows by visiting our website and signing up for our FREE newsletter which provides all the tips/techniques you’ll need.